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Co-working Essentials: Soft Seating

In today’s wireless workplace, work can happen anywhere in the office. Soft seating is one of the key components in planning comfortable, supportive co-working spaces, both formal and informal.

What is a Soft Seating?

When you hear the term “soft seating” you may think of something comfy like a soft, cushioned sofa where you spend hours watch movies with friends or reading your favorite book. And that’s the main idea: a comfortable environment where you can relax, communicate, or get things done.

In definition, soft seating refers to upholstered furniture or cushioned seating. That’s why soft seating, including couches, ottomans, and lounge furniture, are included in our design layout for co-working spaces.


Spaces Atocha, Spain

Soft seating helps customers or building visitors feel comfortable while waiting to speak or meet with a specific individual at your business. They work just as well for a brief moment of relaxation as they do for spontaneous meetings that boost creativity. Use sofas and lounge chairs to create a stimulating work environment – for the individual or for the group.

Regus 700 Nathan Road, Hong Kong

Upholstered furniture facilitates open communication and comfortable discussion of ideas or impressive, well-appointed deal making. 

Spaces Belvedere, Vietnam

This area is also ideal in spaces that are intended for temporary tasks such as reading or checking emails. It’s one alternative of the waiting area. 

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