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Design trends 2020: Rattan and wicker furniture

Rattan is what’s most often used to create furniture that makes you feel as if you’ve entered a beach resort. But to talk about rattan, we should first talk about wicker. Rattan can be wicker, but not all wicker is made from rattan, although the terms are often confused. Wicker is a form of weaving, the process of creating woven items. Let us explore how this simple material can add so much depth to a space!

What is rattan?

This material looks and feels similar to bamboo and ranges in density, pliability, and color. Like bamboo, rattan is a strong and durable vine that can grow as a climbing or non-climbing palm primarily found in Southeast Asia’s rain forests. There are many varieties, but generally, they sport fanning green leaves and spikes (or spines) that circle the stalk of the vine as protection.

But that’s rattan in its natural state — it’s better known in furniture form. Rattan pieces come in every shade of taupe and tan imaginable; the peacock chair, a throne-like woven vessel, is arguably the trendiest, most celebrated example of rattan.

Rattan’s applications

Living Room


rattan light



In its natural organic state rattan works well with neutral as well as earthy palettes. Think about partnering it with other natural textures such as natural woods, linen, cotton and wool.

Dining Room

Storage solutions

Given its flexibility, rattan can be used to make good storage solutions that are a treat to the eye. They are good for storing soft or small, dry stuffs. Plus, the colorful storage give off a very relaxing vibe to the space.

Stools and chairs

These chairs will act as the natural element in you space. Consider adding them if your space feels too industrial or too cool. All natural materials will give a certain sense of warmth, as always.



Natural details on beds provides a wonderful natural textural contrast and detail to a bedroom space.

Natural sound proofing

Screens are not only decorative pieces to include in larger spaces, they happen to help with reducing sound too. They’re perfect for open plan spaces for this reason alone. Screens can also help zone areas and/or create privacy where you might need it which is another important aspect to consider with open plan areas. We all need five minutes to enjoy by ourselves now and again don’t you think?

For the pets

This material can make good pet bed. Why not? As long as they’re not chewers, then the latest wicker pet beds are a wonderful natural addition to the home with no nasty chemicals for your beloved fur babies to enjoy.

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