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Co-working Essentials: Cafe Area

What is a cafe area?

One key aspect of a co-working office is the cafe area. It is a scalable environment that serve as both a retreat and a place to engage. Its nurturing properties also communicate the organization’s culture and brand.

Then what’s included in the space? Well, we have the bar and a few sets of table and chairs. That’s about it; however, the way we arrange them do make a difference. By determining your , you can plan your cafe area accordingly.


Building social networks by using nourishment to attract users throughout the organization, which increases opportunities for chance encounters and cross-pollination. 

Having a cup of coffee at work can lead to breaking down social barriers. It can help new employees meet co-workers, create a common area in the workplace, and be a good ice-breaker. A coffee break can also mean a quick catch up with fellow co-workers. Especially, if they have been stuck at their cubicle or desk all day.

A Kitchen + dine setup: supporting workers with dining amenities and various food options. One could always use some green to keep the place fresh and lively.

It save workers from the need of going outside for food or simply starve themselves. We all can agree that it’s hard to focus with an empty stomach.

A welcoming space that supports a community of mobile workers who learn and share knowledge with each other. 

Also, a business can lose valuable work time when employees leave to get a cup of coffee. Offering coffee gives employees an incentive to stay and get another fix while in the office. In other words, less lost time at work.

spaces city hall

Spaces City Hall

Coffee shops are seen as the ideal ‘third space’ – freed from the office and lockdown technology, workers can find a dynamic environment that can feed creativity and innovative thinking. These spaces are pleasingly anonymous, independent, and apart from the purchase of a coffee, free.

A seemingly ideal solution between the formality of the meeting room, the freedom of the soft seating area and a boxy office is undoubtedly the cafe area.

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