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Workplace Design Impacts Recruitment

It’s no rocket science that the more attractive your workplace is, the more candidates you are going to attract. A workplace’s design affects those who visit your business, including your job candidates. If they don’t feel like they belong in your workplace, they won’t be willing to accept your job offers.

On the other hand, if your workplace has good work conditions: neat furniture, spacious layout, and plenty of natural lighting, etc. You will find it easier to persuade them to your side. In fact, a study from Hassle Studios found that your company’s workspace influences job seekers more than the salaries you offer them.

Why not take advantage of this? There are many things you can do to make your workplace more appealing.

Additional benefits

If you provide just one additional facility like in-house gyms, car parking, or childcare services, chances are candidates will find your place much more attractive.

When job seekers are choosing between multiple job offers, The Hassell Studios study found that additional physical amenities is the top influencer in their decision. People work best when they have less clutter in their mind. Once you help them cover some of their worries, work performance is bound to increase. Who doesn’t want to work well?

Thus, it might be a good idea to refurbish unused or abundant spaces into extra facility that provides value to your target candidates.

Engaging environment

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Spaces Champion Shanghai

According to the Hassell Studios study, job seekers find colorful and modern workspaces at least three times more attractive than grey, formal workspaces. So no matter which industry you work in, your candidates are searching for a vibrant and up-to-date workspace. 

It is proven that people would pass extra facilities for a more creative workspace. Plus, according to The Psychology of Boredom, employees lose focus and drive when their work environment isn’t stimulating. So if you want your company to be successful, incorporate colors and textures throughout your workspace.

For example, if you have a room where interviews are usually conducted, incorporate blue and orange elements to help interviewees feel relaxed yet enthusiastic. But most importantly, consider how your ideal candidates and current employees want to feel at work (and how you want them to feel at work). Then use colors and textures accordingly.

More versatility

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When it comes to your workplace, give your employees options as to how and where they can work, According to the Gensler survey, organizations that let their employees choose where they work are viewed as more innovative and have higher-performing employees. Additionally, the General Services Administration reports that flexible workspaces are proven to help companies hire and retain a world-class workforce.

Before you tweak your workspace, determine which kind of work environments will work best for your employees and business goals.

For example, if you want to cultivate a creative and inspiring environment, replace individual desks with colorful community tables and offer plenty of areas to collaborate in.

If you want your workplace to promote focus and productivity, give every employee their own desk and offer private meeting rooms. Also feel free to provide a wide array of work environments, as long as it makes sense for your company culture.

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You can solve this easily with co-working office design plan. A co-working space offers unmatched flexibility and stimulates connection and creativity. You can look into our projects for some inspiration.

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