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Branding in Workplace Design

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For many people, branding often involves a set of graphic display such as website, advertisement, business card, etc. However, that’s only the ‘superficial’ extend of branding. It also takes root in something as close as the office.  The tenets of a company’s brand to its workplace can encourage employees to support and achieve corporate objectives.

How Branding in Office Helps Change The Game

Performance Boost

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Organisations that give employees a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment to work in are seen to value their employees in a concrete way. By investing in staff they not only improve productivity, but they also improve brand loyalty. It follows that employees who feel proud of their environment tend to value their organisation more. They also are more likely to display professionalism, put more energy into becoming an informal brand ambassador and represent their company in a positive way.

Impressing Visitors

The user experience in store or in an office needs to be brand focused at every corner. It should be completely coherent in colors, logo, feel and customer interaction. From the outside of the building to the bathrooms, everything needs to be consistent. Simple, subtle curation throughout the journey will help keep customers/visitors in-tune with your brand and mantra when they visit in person.

Attracting Talents

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A brand stems from what a company believes and the principles that guide its actions. Branding a space must be done thoughtfully. Carefully making use of every design element can help reinforce a company’s culture with existing and potential employees, attract fresh talent, and demonstrate the embodiment of the corporate philosophy to its constituency.

For instance, Spaces offices target young startups and entrepreneurs and that mission is well reflected in design. They usually opt for vibrant, youthful colors and minimalist design. They support workers’ flexible work flow by having dedicated areas for team work, individual work, meeting, etc. That’s how you make your employees feel at home and attract potential talents.

How it is done

Let designers do the work

First and foremost, architects and designers play an essential role in helping organizations maximize their brand expression opportunity in their physical facilities.

When determining how to brand the physical workplace, the first discussion between the organization and the design team needs to center on understanding the principles by which that organization works and lives. These principles will be used to guide how team members, clients and visitors experience the space and create the springboard for all aspects of design.

In our sensory overload society, it is more important than ever to develop a consistent and clear expression of what an organization values and represents. We work closely with our clients to help maximize their brand expression opportunity while shaving of unneeded details  in their physical facilities.


Spaces Belvedere in the work

Every space should tell a story, and the design team has a unique opportunity to mold the user experience in three dimensions. Successful environments are created when you are able to align a brand’s touch points with a matching quality of space.

Balancing permanence and flexibility in brand expression is key as we create spaces that are meant to last for many years. When mapping a brand identity to a physical space, we must determine the unchangeable pieces, such as those aspects reflecting core principles, as opposed to the adaptable components, such as graphic elements or wall finishes. This careful balance enables the brand to remain fresh and relevant throughout its life.

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