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Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2019


Outdoor furniture, or patio furniture, is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. While not every family enjoys the luxury of a spacious patio. Outdoor furniture are still relevant as they can be a spark of inspiration for the interior design of your home.

kettle molo

Kettal / Molo

You can transform your plain backyard or porch into a lovely place that is the combination of both aesthetics and comfort. The following five trends are especially popular this year. They are reflected in the Fuorisalone Design Week.

Transitional Spaces – Blending the Indoor and Outdoor 

Fuorisalone Milano 2019 Kettal KVL Pavilion

Kettal / KVL Pavilion

Mixing indoor and outdoor furniture is a trend that started to develop in 2018. It is a growing trend in 2019. 

Fuorisalone Milano 2019 - Kettal Molo

Kettal / Molo

This is accomplished by creating transitional living places that can be utilized year-round. More businesses are using transitional structures like pergolas, shade covers, fire pits and folding walls to expand living areas and decorating outdoor spaces just like indoor spaces like living and dining rooms.

Design – Functionality and Mobility is a Must

Fuorisalone Milano 2019 Patricia Urquiola Band chair

Kettle / Band chair

When it comes to design, 2019 is all about mobility and functionality. Outdoor furniture designers are creating pieces that can be easily moved. They are sectionals and modular pieces to provide freedom of layout and design to consumers. Add functionality with benches that include storage areas, daybeds and multipurpose pieces.

Fuorisalone Milano 2019 - Rowico THEA

Rowico / THEA


Fuorisalone Milano 2019 - Lorenzo Bacci

Dedon / Sealine

Materials – Environmentally-Friendly and Durable

Fuorisalone Milano 2019 - Marc Sadler Ribot

Marc Sadler / Ribot

Consumers are more eco-conscious than ever before. Manufacturers can win their hearts by using an environmentally-friendly building material. Designers are stepping up to the challenge and providing high-quality furniture pieces manufactured from environmentally-friendly building materials..

Dedon / Mbrace

A recent survey shows that consumers are willing to spend more money on furnishings that are deemed eco-friendly.

Textures – More to the mix

Fuorisalone Milano 2019 - Talenti Panama

Talenti / Panama

This is a trend that we started to see growth in 2019. Using a combination of materials in one furniture piece offers different textures and mixing materials provide a unique look and feel. 

Talenti / Tikal

Sleek and matte textures like metal and wood are popular. Woven textures like that of rope, wicker and jute accents are becoming increasingly popular in furniture design.

Colors – Earthy with Bright Accents

Sebastian Herkner Maraca

Sebastian Herkner / Maraca

A popular color scheme for 2019 includes earth tones (browns, greys, tans) with accent colors of blues and greens. Metallic colors like gold, silver and bronze are also popular. They reflect modern and industrial themes. Also, white is a popular color used for modern living.

Bright pops of color can be achieved with throw pillows and cushions. Or with a bright colored chair or accent table to add the eye-catching color.

Source: Plastic Boards, Elle Decor.

Stay tuned for new articles about tips on choosing outdoor furniture as well as greenery for your patio!

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