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Design Inspiration : Valentine Season

Love is in the air, and what color represents love better than the passionate red? Rather than roses and wine, we would like to introduce to you some amazing architecture in red for this Valentine’s Day. Nothing pleases architects more than a sophisticated and detail-oriented design. Here are 12 beautiful red-ish designs compiled by archdaily.

House In Normandy / Beckmann-N’thepe Architectes

The house is located in the Normandy Bocage, surrounded by hedgerows and looking out over Bellême Forest.  Set on the first third of a plot of land 150 m long, it stands in an isolated residential area in the Perche countryside.

University Housing, Gandía / Guallart Architects

This project was developed in Gandia, a town with a population of 75,000 to the south of Valencia. The aim was to develop a hybrid project that would function essentially as a student residence while meeting the requirements of social housing, with the corresponding standards and characteristics.

DPS Kindergarden School / Khosla Associates

The brief called for a franchise for a popular north Indian school chain called Delhi Public School.

Primary School in Karlsruhe / wulf architekten

The Protestant primary school with sports hall in Karlsruhe was completed in April 2013, after building work lasting for a good year. The school ensemble is immediately adjacent to residential buildings, an old peoples’ home, technical college, kindergarten and church, and represents a new and important urban building block for north-west Karlsruhe.

Bridging Teahouse / Fernando Romero

The Bridging Teahouse by FR-EE is one of the 17 pavilions in JinHua Architecture Park in the city of Jinhua, China. The park is located in the Jindong New District, a new area masterplanned by Herzog & de Meuron since 2003. Designed by the well-known Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, the park is set by the city’s Jiwu river on a strip of land some 2km long and dedicated to the memory of his father, the poet Ai Qing.

ATZ Living / CRAFT Arquitectos

The proposed concept is based on the intention of generating 15 m² modules where each of the areas of the architectural project take place, and through which open and continuous spaces are generated. These modules provide to each family the possibility of adapting their house according to their needs, with the possibility of expanding in a clean, orderly manner with a low operating cost.

Located in the southern suburban area of Paris along wide boulevards and roadway interchanges, in an industrial landscape characterized by a succession of boxes (at best basic), the RATP Bus Centre in Thiais controls all the bus lines of the south and east of Paris.

Red Wall / 3Gatti Architecture Studio

If you digit +31° 16’ 9.45”, +121°27’ 14.93” on Google Maps, a zenith scale view will appear of a rectangular building, characterized by a central patio with pedestrian bridges crossing it and a long flamboyant red wall which acts as a barrier to separate the internal areas from the noise of the elevated road which runs opposite.

GASP! Stage 2 / Room11

The Glenorchy Arts and Sculpture Park, GASP!, is Room 11’s first foray into public architecture.  Along the River Derwent in Glenorchy, Tasmania, Room 11 has built a colorfully calibrated public walkway which deftly links previously marginalized, but surprisingly beautiful sections of foreshore.

Fagerstrom House / Claesson Koivisto Rune

The client had split his garden city plot in two and moved the old house to the one. The other had a more embedded position, including a big old oak tree in the middle.

Formosa 1140 / Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, this new eleven unit housing project emphasizes the central importance of shared open space for the residents and the community. Formosa takes what would be the internalized open space of the courtyard and moves it to the exterior of the building to create a park which occupies approximately one third (4,600 sf) of the project site.

Theatre Agora / UNStudio

The Agora Theatre is an extremely colorful, determinedly upbeat place. The building is part of the masterplan for Lelystad by Adriaan Geuze, which aims to revitalize the pragmatic, sober town centre. The theatre responds to the ongoing mission of reviving and recovering the post-war Dutch new towns by focusing on the archetypal function of a theatre: that of creating a world of artifice and enchantment. Both inside and outside walls are faceted to reconstruct the kaleidoscopic experience of the world of the stage, where you can never be sure of what is real and what is not. In the Agora theatre drama and performance are not restricted to the stage and to the evening, but are extended to the urban experience and to daytime.

All of these design fully utilize the energy of the color red. It gives the building a strong sense of life, passion, and maybe temptation or lust. It is amazing how these architects took advantage of color psychology to make their work really standout. From this article, we hope to give readers some idea colors work in decoration and overall design.

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