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Spaces Hung Sheng on ArchDaily

About ArchDaily

On 11th May 2019, Spaces Hung Sheng was featured on ArchDaily, the world’s most visited architecture website. ArchDaily is a renowned online blog focusing on architectural news, projects, products and events catered to designers, architects and interested parties. As a result, it serves as an educational platform as well as an indefinite source of inspiration.

Spaces Hung Sheng

At D&P, we strive to create the most conducive and inspiring working space where ideas meet and flourish. Therefore, we are extremely eager to share about our project. The skillful architects have transformed a 2413sqm space at the heart of bustling Zhongshan district into Taipei’s number one choice of co-working space.

The idea here is to create a happy place because we understand that people work best when they feel positive. The happiness element manifests itself in the warm palette, in the open spaces filled with abundant natural light and also in the lively decoration sitting on the lovely bookcases. As nature boosts happiness significantly, we opt for wooden bookshelves as well as exquisite bamboo pendant lighting. In addition, the open bar counter made from local materials enhances the calm ambiance. In short, we hope that Spaces Hung Sheng is a conducive, refreshing work environment for Taipei’s professionals.

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