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In order to define the best layout for the building, we realized the site analysis to figure out the wind-sun direction, the important views, existing traffic route, existing plants and neighboring building's height. The analysis showed that the south-west entrance is the best solution to utilize maximum the front on 2 main streets. The architectural concept is proposed with many criteria for the building to become an iconic headquarters building of Hanoi Saigon Commercial Bank. It is a green, environmentally friendly building while maintaining its sustainable development. The building is guaranteed to use modern technology, with advanced equipment to meet the highest criteria of Class A office as well as optimize office space for rent to ensure efficiency in investment. Because of the height restrictions of new buildings in Hanoi’s old quarter, the building was designed with 15 floors, including the underground floors for the parking basement & technical room, 1-3rd floor for SHB office, 4-14th floor for leasing office and 15th floor for Conference & Technical room. There was no parking space on the road, so the basement had 5 floors to respond the high demand of parking in the center. The first floor had the double-height rooms that bring ample space and light into office interiors. The main idea was to design the outstanding facade as the second "skin" of building to reduce the solar radiation's effect and create the natural ventilation. Inspired by the logo of SHB, the architects team proposed the stylist pattern to create view from inside and then it's changed flexibly to resist solar radiation in different stage each day. The façade is adjusted to create more different views and avoid monotony. It is added more plants among the space to create convection zone for more wind. The architects used this same pattern to decorate the ceiling of the building. Furthermore, the interior design was the modern style with luxury touch by using hight quality materials. Flos  Spaces Rialto Spaces Summer Hill
Coworking Interior design Workplace

SPACES Lee Garden 3

Located in Causeway Bay, Lee Garden Three is the newest premium commerical building that won the LEED Gold Award for A-Grade office space. This high-energy zone truly stands among the most dynamic places in Hong Kong: an iconic location for people to work, shop and play. Our challenge is to create the office which embody Spaces's culture while providing an environment that empowers people to participate, promoting a sense of community and enthusiasm.


Our design team worked on the layout that includes work spaces and numerous gathering, meeting and open working areas. The design concept was the contemporary style with luxury touch by using hight quality materials such as leather and marble. Inspired by old town central of Hong Kong, the architect's team generated a colorful palette of pastel colors and played these colors to separate the different working zones. Bright pops of color, timber surfaces, and an abundance of greenery created a fabulous combination of contemporary design and elegance.

  • Client


  • Area:

    2797 sqm

  • Location:

    The Lee Gardens 3, 4/F, 5/F & 6/F, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

  • Architects:

    Romain Duval, Tuan Pham, Anh Vu, Quyen Bui, Minh Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen

  • Contractor:

    Taste Interiors

  • Furniture:

    Deltalight, Flos, Tooy, Ylighting, Intueri Light, Vitra, Normann Copenhagen, Viccarbe, Hay, Alki, Lamex, Arper, Fritz Hansen

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