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© 2018, D&P Architecture by Chouxlab

We opt for contemporary furniture from trusted makers. They all tend towards a minimalist look  and provide great comfort. The warm color palette we crafted give them consistency and together they make for a more uplifting environment.

To keep the place well lit at all time, D&P used dimmable pendant lighting with clean-cut, elegant look from Vibia and Artemide. Such beauty is most apparent in the meeting room, which uses the iconic Vibia Halo Lineal.

Greenery is one of our priority while arranging the space. Plants are placed generously so guests will feel more relaxed and have something nice to turn to every now and then. The whole space should feel friendlier overall.

In term of fabric, we choose stretch fabrics as one of our principal material based on their durability and comfort. We use Kvadrat for their great variety and wide choice in color scheme.

Together with other furniture, fabrics help set the tone of the room deciding on its mood and radiating ambience.

For example, mint blue in curtain and chairs in the meeting room promotes feelings of tranquility. As it also contains green, which is thought to help balance emotions, mint blue is a particularly calming hue.

Likewise, pastel pink on chair in co-working area represents friendship, harmony, inner peace, and approachability.

The light orange runner carpet makes every step seem more cheerful and it pops brightly on the veneer wood flooring.

We use textiles also to unify the room and help bring space together. This is where the color palette comes into play. We chose orange as principal color to light up the spaces as well as stimulating creativity. A mixing and matching different textures between the fabrics cover meeting booth, the build in seats and the chair go along with the wood flooring, layering them together creating a sense of contrast and set the mood of the space.

We separate the waiting area by utilizing a custom-made carpet that is completely different from the rest. Thus, people in the waiting are will feel ‘safe’ from the busy flow from other areas. Co-working spaces can look very alike. That is why we want Spaces Belvedere to have something unique.

In short, if you are looking for a light-hearted workplace with a design that will place your heart at ease, there is Spaces Belvedere.

Coworking Interior design Workplace

Spaces Belvedere

Spaces Belvedere is found in one of Vietnam’s most commercially successful areas, Hanoi, this striking Art Deco-style building is sure to inspire anyone who’s looking for a place to go big. All you would want from a co-working space is available in our 10 floors of designer offices. Spaces Belvedere provides everything you need to make it happen.


As the rise of freelance work and small companies grow, the demand for inspiring co-working spaces rises as well. For this reason, IWG has set up their very first co-working space in Hanoi – Spaces Belvedere. For this project, our architects followed the formula of a modern look but with a cozy, homely feel. Work is already tough. Why settle for a stiff office? People seeking co-working spaces are often freelancing in the hopes of avoiding cubicle offices and monotone spaces. That is why our team furnished the place with sleek, minimalist furnitures from Vitra, Viccabre, Hay, etc. Premium fabric from Kavadrat is used for meeting booth’s seatings and curtains. They are selected according to Spaces’ fresh color palette, with the lively pastel pink being very pronounced compared others. The natural oak color of engineered wood strikes a gentle impression so you feel welcomed right as you step inside. To elaborate the ‘un-office-like’ feeling, we have ordered handmade carpet exclusively for Spaces Belvedere.  Next, including nature in workplaces is theorized to be beneficial for productivity and mental health. As described in depth by the ‘Biophilic Design’ trend, nature can come in the form of greenery, natural light and other natural elements.  Hence, greenery is one of our priority while arranging the space. Plants are placed generously so guests will feel more relaxed and have something nice to turn to every now and then. They also serve as space divider so the working area feels friendly but not without sufficient privacy. Then, we utilizes glass windows effectively so that Spaces Belvedere has abundant natural light. Especially the business club area, which gains sunlight easily from its two facades. This combines with the uninterrupted open space planning to create an airy office. Open spaces allow layout flexibility, which can be useful as users may want to rearrange their working space for various activities. We also place soft seatings in lobbies so users can have more casual meet up. To keep the place well lit (and look stylish as well) at all time, we imported luxurious pendent lighting from Vibia and Artemide. Such beauty is most apparent in the meeting room, which uses the iconic Vibia Halo Lineal. Our lighting can adjust to guests’ liking, which makes them useful for any given scenario. Finally, one prominent challenge our team faced while design Spaces Belvedere is the staircase as it is originally of classic style. However, we decided to refurbish it with modern elements. That way, the stairs don’t feel out of place and serve as a nice finishing touch for Spaces Belvedere. Working from home as opposed to a co-working space can be hampering, as there is no scenery change or separation between home and work, which can lead to feelings of isolation and creative blocks. That is why we aim for a cozy, relaxing co-working place that makes guests feel at home but without home’s limitation. All in all, D&P Associates has completed a modern workplace that is a joy to work in everyday.

  • Client


  • Area:

    2503 sqm

  • Location:

    28A Tran Hung Dao street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Furniture:

    Vibia, Artemide, Viccarbe, Alki, Hay, Vitra, Kavadrat

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